about myself

I wanted to write something big and huge here so that some one who see this will ignore reading by thinking that this person is gona boast himself with bla bla bla.. But I have no such skills to boast with. That's the funniest part of me.

I even created a new paragraph to show that there is more content which is different from the above content.

Few Projects

CRM software

PHP | jQuery | Twig

ERP software

CodeIgniter | jQuery | Twig

FIG Framework

PHP| JS | jQuery | Twig | PDO

Tour Management Web

Wordpress Development

Vechile Listing, Sorting, Filtering and Booking Plugin

Wordpress Development

Personal Web Theme

HTML | CSS | JS | jQuery


Google Hangout App

ToDo Web Application

PHP | JS | jQuery | MySQL

JSON and XML Format REST API for Mobile Application


Real Time Notification and Chat

PHP | Socket.io | Node.js | MySQL

Comments and Interactions with Facebook Login

PHP | JS | jQuery | Facebook JS SDK | MySQL

Boundary Marking, Location inside Boundary Check

PHP | JS | jQuery | Google Maps API | MySQL

Hotel Booking API Integration

PHP | JS | jQuery | MySQL

PayPal Integration

PHP | JS | jQuery | MySQL

Payment Gateway Integration

PHP | JS | jQuery | MySQL

Job History

Creating job history from 2012.

Software Developer

Magic Array, Trivandrum

Lead Engineer

Hello Infinity, Trivandrum

Senior Engineer

Future Group, Mumbai

Software Developer

Cactus Communications, Mumbai


Sometimes, I write blog which falls in one these listed buckets

Contact Me

+91 95 three nine four zero 3900